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How to cut down on your water heating costs

Astounding-Futuristic-Bathroom-Ideas-with-gray-and-white-wall-and-bath-tub-and-red-shower-with-hot-water-915x915 If you are an eco-conscious person then you should know that wastage of energy eats up earth’s non-renewable energy resources and causes pollution. There are certain steps that you can take to lower the energy bills and decrease the wastage of energy. The first step is to limit the wastage of water in your home. If you can reduce wastage of water, you will also be able to decrease the wastage of energy. Benefits Of Bathing With Warm Water After a long and tiresome day, you may feel like having a long bath in warm water. It is true that a long hot water shower or a bathtub filled with hot water can reduce your tiredness but at the same time, you must not forget how much energy one hot shower wastes. It will be a good idea to stick to short hot showers on weekdays and relishing one long shower at the weekend. When you are using the bathtub, do not fill it to the brim. Keep the bathroom door tightly locked so that the steam cannot easily escape and the insides are hot for longer period. You should invest in the modern aerated and low-flow showerheads so that the wastage of water and energy both are reduced effortlessly. Tap-Water A bad habit that increases your energy bills and wastage of energy is leaving the taps running unnecessarily. Think about the times you kept the tap running while working in the kitchen or getting ready for office. Make sure that you tightly close the taps and get a plumber to fix the leaky ones. Keep the water heater temperature 120 degree Fahrenheit, so that the energy wastage can be controlled and kept to a minimum. 10898803-dishwasher Buy dishwasher and washing machines that use energy efficient technologies only. Insulating the hot water storage tank and the first part of your water bearing pipes can reduce energy wastage and keep the water warm for a longer period. Summary: Water heating at home is necessary but you can save money and energy by employing some easy tricks. Keep your showers short and insulate the water reservoir at home for saving money.]]>

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