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Get Wooed by Wow Parks from Across the World

  •  Central Park in New York: Central Park boats of being one among the earth’s most magnificent parks. What stands out most is the park’s innovative design encompassing diverse movement routes for pedicabs, pedestrians and horse riders. The park gives you the opportunity to indulge in a variety of activities such as rock climbing, exploring the zoo, kayaking, boating and bird watching. Other breathtaking attractions include the renowned Strawberry Fields and the Egyptian obelisk.
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    • Park Güell in Barcelona: It is a municipal garden established in the 20th century based on the design of renowned Catalan draftsman Antoni Gaudí. You’ll be mesmerized by Park Güell’s central terrace bearing a bench intricately carved in the form of a serpent. Enveloped in mosaics, it offers for an amazing view. The exquisite birds’ nests provide another testimony to Gaudi’s brilliant craftsmanship. The design of Park Güell subtly incorporates themes of Catalan archaic verses, theology and nationalism.
    • Keukenhof in Netherlands: If you are an aficionado of exquisite colorful flowers in their blooming beauty, you must visit Keukenhof in Netherlands. Better called as ‘Garden of Europe’, this happens to be the world’s biggest floral garden. Each year, approximately 7 million new saplings are planted here! The place where the beautiful garden stands was actually a hunting spot in the medieval era. From 1949 onwards, Keukenhof became a platform for all flower cultivators from across Europe to display their crossbreed plants.
    • Wiener Prater in Vienna: This Park houses the Hauptallee, undoubtedly one among the most inspiring avenues on earth. Traffic is not allowed to pass and the path is adorned with rows of luxuriant chestnut trees. Other notable attractions of Wiener Prater include Republic of Kugelmugel, a mini nation and Liliputbahn, a slender gauge railway track. The park was publicly opened to local inhabitants as well as people from across the world by Emperor Josef II, who also permitted coffee outlets to be housed inside the park.
    • Griffith Park in Los Angeles: This beautiful park offers you plenty of wild ruggedness. It houses the Griffith Observatory beautifully located over Mount Hollywood. The observatory had been the shooting location for many a Hollywood movie. The park was built under the patronization of Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, who in fact donated the piece of land. Facing the city of Los Angeles and providing mesmerizing natural view, this park is a favorite hub of nature lovers.
    • Roundhay Park in Leeds: This Park is a treasure embellishing the city of Leeds in England. Lying across 700 acres of land, this park is among the biggest of the European city parks. Roundhay Park houses three major gardens. The Canal Garden contains very old plants and a rectangle shaped lake bordered by beautiful flowers and a magnificent rose garden. The Monet garden is built in purely artistic style. The Alhambra Garden is a sight to cherish with its stunning fountains and a pond.
    • Fort Caning Park in Singapore: This masterpiece of luxuriant greenery lies on a hill in Singapore about 60 meters in height. Used at some point of time in history by the military or the government, the park houses several botanical as well as historical attractions. The major attractions in Fort Canning Park are the Gothic Gates and the Spice Garden.
    Fort These wow parks will indulge you in the unadulterated beauty of natural and man-made artistry. So, if you are looking for a short time getaway from the hustle and bustle, the wow parks are the ideal place for you. ]]>


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