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Creative tips to decorate your kid’s room with wall murals

Is your kid bored with the same plain old room? Well here is a nice option to make your kid happy and get involved in an activity with you as well. You can stylize the room with wall murals. The murals can create drama and add color to the room. They easily give your room the much needed face-lift and are an admired way of decorating kid’s rooms. The murals have designs that add a complete new dimension to the room. Giving the much needed face-lift can be quite fun and a rewarding experience.

Given here are some of the tips on how to decorate your kid’s room with murals:

1. Consider the architectural elements: Before you begin with decorating your kid’s room with wall murals, you need to consider the architectural elements and fixtures, like the doors, windows, light switches, outlets and the wall trim. You can either opt to cover the tiniest mural with simple designs, or you can create a mural which integrates the window and other features of the room.
2. Selecting a theme: To begin with, you need to select pattern, colors, and the design theme for your kid’s room. The mural should ease pressure off your kid and fill her mind with happiness. You can use the simple backgrounds and make the task easier. If you choose to paint open sea, enchanted forest, beach shore, starry sky, a barn or a bright garden, then add pictures and objects to compliment the setting.
3. Select the type: The wall decals lend bright pops or color or images, which are easy to remove. A wallpaper mural can change the entire wall surprisingly and can feature anything from the rain forests to the outer space. The murals if hand-painted can speak a lot about you and your child. You can simply use a stencil and draw various objects and designs to transform your kid’s room.
4. Measure the space: Measure your room and measure the spaces twice so as to make the edges of the murals meet well. This is necessary if you are wrapping the mural at more than one corner. Make sure that you use stiff ruler to measure since it will let you avoid the measuring tape. You can also use floorboards for the ceiling; this is recommended since it helps maintain a uniform height.
5. Ask for your child’s advice: Always remember to involve your child in the whole process of creating the mural. Your child can be of an excellent help to you in the process by helping you create the matching trims using scraps of wallpaper or stencil and embellish a bookcase or toy box. Your child can also draw or paint and make valuable contribution to the room’s mural decoration.

We suggest:
• When you plan on transforming your kids’ room with wall murals, make sure to outline the wall with a soft lead or a chalk beforehand, if you plan on painting yourself.
• When painting, you have to make sure that your carpet, furniture, floor and other accessories are covered properly.
• You can add three dimensional elements to make the wall mural more attractive. Some of these elements may include fake flowers, plastic vines and floating shelves that hold thematic objects.
• If the room is small and has a low ceiling, you must opt for lighter colors to make the room look larger.

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