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Check out the 5 most expensive jackets in the world

Style statement amongst all other Items of Clothing Jackets have been a “proven style statement” for ages and are worn for comfort and smart looks. Wild fantasies Just imagine a jacket full of diamonds, rubies and pearls. Add to it wonderful and extremely comfortable original and pure cashmere silk and sometimes even in gold and platinum plated threads. Such jackets are not just some artist’s vision; they are a reality designed by very few extremely skilled and world renowned fashion designers. The top dog The top-most expensive jacket in the world, till date, has almost all of the above mentioned qualities. The credit for designing this one of a kind masterpiece goes to R. Jewels diamonds. Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels designed this diamond studded jacket. It is made from a mixture of wool and cashmere silk and has 480 diamonds in it. Each of these diamonds weighs a jaw dropping 240 carats. This designer piece is priced at an exorbitant price of U.S. $ 943,000. At second position The 2nd most expensive jacket in the world is also not far away from the top ranked. The credit for designing this particular piece goes to world famous luxury designer Alexander Amosu. He made the jacket using high quality exotic fibres like vicuna, pashmina and quiviuk. He also added diamonds to the jacket, adding glamour and elegance.  It took 80 hours to complete this artistic vision and was completed from gold and platinum threads. It was priced at a mere U.S. $ 110,000 only. Taking the 3rd place It created a worldwide hype when it was launched. Coming from one of the most famous designer houses across the globe- Vanquish in 2009 it created a sensation. Italian designer Brioni Vanquish designed it and it could be ordered only privately as per demands of the clientele. It was priced at $ 43000 only. M.J. Magic Forever M.J. Magic Forever The most expensive jacket in the world in its own category has to be from this legendary artist, the god of music, having billions of fans all over the world, the one and only Michael Jackson. M.J. wore a red and black jacket in the extremely popular music video ‘Thriller’, which topped the charts in 1983. In this video of around 14 minutes, Michael Jackson had worn a red and black jacket before turning into a zombie. The jacket was sold by the mush reputed Juliens auction house in Beverly Hills and has been autographed by the celebrated king of pop, M.J. himself on the sleeve. A gold trader bought this jacket for $1.8 million with an aim to raise money for charity for a children’s hospital. This jacket indeed tops the list in its own way and has to be the most expensive jacket till date in the world. It also pushes the other four jackets down by one place respectively. Nevertheless, it’s M.J. so miracles are bound to happen.   The entire list has one thing in common; that there are some very rich people around the world who indeed shell out phenomenal amounts of money for the clothes of their choice or antiques and keep trying to be a class apart very so often. And why not? They are rich, they are famous and they pay homage to a lot of designers who have very artistic visions.  ]]>

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