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7 Eco friendly wedding dresses made from junk

Recycled Wedding Dresses

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion where everyone wants to look and feel the best. There is no scope for a mistake or an improvisation. While most of us go for the best designer outfit that we can lay our hands on for our weddings, none of us would even think about the possibility of shaping out a wedding dress with recycled materials and make an exquisite mark on the occasion of your life?

If you want to make a mark with recycled materials for your wedding dress, here are some quick ideas to work on. Just by improvising on these recycled wedding dresses, you can create your own signature style that will stand out like a jewel in the crown.

1. Glove dress

Glove Dress

Designed by a British artist Susie Mac Murray, the glove wedding dress is entirely shaped out of gloves. The rubber gloves, all of 1400 in number, was stitched together to form this fluffy dress that looks every bit a winning dress due to its recycled history. The gloves have also been turned inside out in order to give that extra brightness to the wedding dress.

2. Toilet paper dress

Toilet Paper Dress

Though the mention of a toilet paper could be a major put off for most of us, a look at the image will say that it’s not a bad idea after all. Created by Susan Brannan for which she won $ 1000 at the Cheap Chick Weddings Dress Contest, the toilet paper wedding dress is surely not made of used toilet paper as you assume due to the ‘recycled tag’ attached to it. The designer used 4 rolls of toilet paper, packing tape for fixing the seams and hot glue for pressing the toilet paper together.

3. Newspaper dress

Newspaper Dress

Sounds crazy, but entirely possible and elegant if you take a look at the picture. Newspaper dresses may not be everlasting and you might have to throw it away after use. But who wears wedding dresses over and over again anyway? It is a great option for an economical wedding where you are trying to remove unnecessary costs. Add a few detailing and sequin work and they are as good as a real wedding dress. But make sure that you do not sit while wearing a newspaper wedding dress and it can completely fall apart!

4. Recycled bottle dress

Recycled Bottle Dress

Making a recycled bottle dress for your wedding should come easy as recycled bottles of all shapes and colors are easy to attain. The recycled bottle dress shown here is made from 2220 plastic bottle bases and 6512 plastic bottle tops. The recycled bottle dress comes complete with a train that measures 16 feet and weighs around 22 pounds. You can add your personal touch by adding little details like adding sparkling and iridescent crystals and beads on to the wedding dress to enhance its appeal.

5. Balloon dress

Balloon Dress

This breathtakingly beautiful balloon dress is created by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai. The dress is created with balloons of varying sizes and comes in two pieces with a balloon joint in the midriff. It flaunts a balloon collar which is entirely stunning. To top it all, there is also a balloon tiara that creates an ethereal and perfectly mind blowing combination. Be wary of bursting the balloon though!

6. Bottles and cans dress

Bottles and Cans Dress

Wedding dresses are normally virginal white to depict the purity of the bride. Here is a shift from the normal course. This wedding dress, made from recycled bottle caps, cardboard packaging, cans, plastic bags and glass beads looks beautiful and very elegant. If you are all for white, probably you can adapt the same concept using white or transparent bottles and cans and add extra embellishments in white and silver to add some finishing touches.

7. Coffee filter dress

Coffee Filter Dress

Those tea bags and coffee filters which you never wanted to throw away and used to use on your face and hair for toning and coloring can be put to a better use now. The coffee filter wedding dress may not be entirely white as you want it to be. But looking at the design and the overall appeal, it is not a disappointment at all. The coffee filter wedding dress has a pink base and tea bags as borders. The exaggerated flares add to the overall elegance of the dress and if you are patient enough to add some sequins and glitters, this could be the perfect recycled fairytale wedding dress you always dreamt of.

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