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10 easy and effective house-cleaning tips to sparkle your place

House cleaning

“Cleaning house is no rocket science.” A clean house is the one everybody wants to visit as a guest or live in as a family member. With a little bit of planning and some little help, you can make your house sparkle. Simply follow the quick steps below and you will know how you can keep your house clean.

1. Scheduling your task

The basic and most important rule or tip for house cleaning is plan a date when you are going to do the task. Plan the date in such a way that you can have a couple of family members at home, so that they can help you. You can do it on a Sunday when kids and husband are at home. If there is a lot of mess to be cleaned then you can start on Saturday itself. Remember one thing do not attempt to do all the things on one day, it will only lead to chaos and you can’t give in completely.

2. Assign the tasks

If you have kids and husband and maid to help you, then assign tasks to each person. Kids can usually help in cleaning the nursery with the help of a maid. They will love doing it. Husband can take over the home office and living room.

3. Get your supplies

Before you plan on cleaning, go to a super market and get all the supplies you need in advance like brushes, brooms, kitchen wipes, hand gloves, etc.

4. Check it off

Always keep a list of things you need to do so that you can ease up your work and do not have to fall in confusion where to start.

5. Reduce the waste

If you don’t have the use of a certain item at your home, then discard it or recycle it. Remember less number of things at home means less cleaning up.

6. Straightening thing

If you do not have time to go through the entire process of cleaning yet you need the room looking neater, then just do dusting with a brush or vacuum cleaner. You shall find it better looking instantly.

7. Taking immediate actions

Things tend to be easier to clean when they are cleaned immediately. Clear off your study table as soon as you finish reading and put all the dishes in the dishwasher after you finished your meals rather than do it the next morning.

8. Storage

Store room is one place that should put to real use. If you have any old things or furniture or any other items in the house that you are not using then better keep them in the storage room. This will help you in less cleaning.

9. Keep cleaning products where you will need them

Before starting to clean keep all the supplies you need a convenient place so that you don’t need to waste your precious time searching for them here and there.

10. Bring in freshness

Keep the house fresh by letting in lots of fresh air and sunlight through windows and doors. You can also spray room freshener to lighten up the mood as well.

Cleaning is not a huge task after all. You don’t want to spend hours keeping it that way.

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