Five chess strategies you can use to win the game of life

Five chess strategies you can use to win the game of life

Life is complicated and happiness is often unattainable. Being naïve does not help us in tackling the problems and challenges of life. To lead a great life and win every challenge you must apply the strategies of chess. Chess is a game that sharpens our mental faculties and enhances our capability of thinking. Playing chess regularly will develop many good qualities in you that can be applied in life. Chess is a very versatile game and you can never predict the final outcome until the end. Life too is unpredictable and can take some surprising twists and turns. Life is all about survival and so is chess. You have to protect your own king and try to capture the opponent’s king using your brains and patience. To get victory over the big and small challenges of life you must plan carefully and apply well developed strategies. In the following some great strategies of chess are discussed that will help you win the game of life.

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Look at the different angles:

Your strategy will work out best if you can look at the situation from different angles. In a game of chess the players have to think carefully before making a move. They have to consider the possible outcomes of the move they are planning to make. Similarly in life you have to make choices carefully after considering their consequences both in short term and long term.

Have patience:

Impulsiveness and restlessness can affect your life in a negative way. You must have lots of patience while playing chess for planning every move and for observing the moves of your opponents. Once you touch a piece you will have to move it. In life we should be observant and patient. Rash decisions are never good ones.

Adjust strategies as you go:

You cannot stick to one single strategy if you want to move ahead in life and make progress. According to the situations and challenges you need to change your strategies to suit the goals and purpose.

Dodge troubles:

Chess not only teaches us to attack but it also teaches to defend. You must know how to avoid trouble and complications to have a happy life.


Optimism is necessary for winning a game of chess and achieving happiness in life. Optimism gives us the courage to find solutions instead of getting depressed when faced with troubles.