If you are amongst the new entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge faced by you is to convince your investor that your idea is good enough to work. You need to know what exactly the investors are expecting from you. You should be completely aware of what would catch your investor’s heart, and what might create antagonism. Well, here are some expert tips on how to impress your investor and make him believe in your idea.

angel investor

You should always try to present your goals as precise and perfectly accurate. While presenting your business idea to your investors, you should be very basic, precise and up to the point since this would help to gain and gold the interest of the investors. Remember, if your idea will make its way to the consumers, only if the investor accepts it. It should be kept in mind that while Venture capitalists are more likely to be impressed by data, Angel investors on the other hand are more inclined towards engagement. Make use of pictorial representation taking care that the presentation time should not be more than 10-15 minutes with 10-15 slides.

Your presentation should be based on facts and should have a practical approach. It would be better to try and test your idea on a small budget, before you go out to look for large scale funding. You should present before the investors al the three possibilities of your project idea, the best, moderate, and the worst too. The date should be based on correct conditions, and the present performance data and future risks and possibilities.


For your idea to hit the investors, you first need to be passionate about your idea. Only then you will be able to persuade the investors. You should effectively make them aware of the difficulties that could be faced by your customers and the ways in which you will be able to resolve those customer issues. It should be kept in mind that the Angel investors in particular are more keen to work with the people who have a strong determination towards the success of their idea.

It’s important to have experienced and expert personnel as a part of your team. Only then you would be able to impress the investors to your best. Each member of the team should explain their part while giving the presentation as this would help the investors to believe that you work as a coordinated team.


Persuading an investor to fund your project is a tough job. It is always best to be upright, professional, and well prepared. Presenting a clear picture to the investors will allow them to have greater confidence in your ideas.