Experts in any niche have an advantage over others and they can use their expertise as well as understanding of any topic to create good passive online income. Passive online income as a concept is rapidly gaining popularity and niche experts can easily make some extra cash using it. In the following sections, we will look at few passive income opportunities available online in which you can succeed, if you have the required dedication and knowledge.

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Passive Income Opportunities

Online income opportunities are increasing everyday and it is now easier than before to monetize your experience and proficiency in any topic. The added advantage is that you need not have any technical skills and what is required is domain knowledge, passion to succeed and supportive attitude towards readers. Let us look at them now.

Make a Digital Product:

There are thousands of online marketplaces, which list different types of digital products. If you have expertise on any particular topic then you can develop an audio book or eBook and post it in these marketplaces for sale. Your job will be to create the product for once and after than no work will be necessary and it will start to generate passive income for you.

 Start a Blog

Start a Blog:

It is one of the most popular methods of generating online income. According to statistics, most professional bloggers have six figure incomes every year only from blogging. You can utilize the expertise you have and create a blog on the niche topic and businesses selling related products will come flocking to put up paid advertisement on your blog. Your job will be to create content which is original and of high quality that can attract readers to your blog. In a short period, you will start earning good amount of money just for writing on the topic you love.

Ad-revenue Sharing:

If you do not have the necessary technical skills to create your own blog and maintain it then there are other solutions available. One such option is joining ad revenue sharing websites and turn your articles into money spinners. There are many ad-revenue sharing websites, such as, Squidoo, eHow and Hubpages, where you can contribute and share your content to earn good passive income. All of them are simple to use platforms and a person does not require any technical skills to post their writing.

 Webinars and Coaching Classes

Webinars and Coaching Classes:

It is a new concept, which can yield rich dividends for you if you are a trainer or teacher with good technical skills. You can simply set up webinars or begin to offer classes online in case you are an expert in your subject, launching your own website to offer the services is also a viable option to look at. In no time, you will have students joining after getting the information from different sources. If you are a person with good social presence and excellent connections on social site then it will become much easier for you to spread the word about your service. Even if you do not have a strong social profile, you can succeed by creating a credible social profile and communicating with students.

Network of Websites:

If you are knowledgeable in several different topics then you can create multiple websites, each catering to a different topic and develop good informative as well as interesting content for each of them. The next step would be put advertisement on all the sites from advertisement networks such as Google Adsense and as visitors grow on your websites you will start earning good income for all the websites, giving you a good source of passive income.


There are many opportunities available online to earn income, if you are knowledgeable in your specific field. You just need to have the passion and dedication to succeed in your task.