Much has been said and written about the importance of leadership and leadership qualities, but very little have been said about the role of the management in a corporate hierarchy. The managers are as much, if not more important, as the leaders in the corporate sector. Without their presence and continuous efforts, a business organization will never get the work done within time. The productivity of an office or organization is measured by ratio of the finished work and the time taken to finish it.


Without a proper managerial system, you cannot expect the employees to finish work on their own accord. The managers have to shoulder a huge responsibility and keep track of the pending work. They have to report to the leaders or CEOs of the company. They work under a lot of stress but still find a way to motivate the workers.

The management of a company is often blamed but we do not realize the burden they are carrying. They have to work under a lot of pressure themselves and that is why they force employees to give their best. Leaders give motivational speeches and managers use practical tactics to keep the workers focused.


Very little is known about the vital qualities of a good manager. A good manager is someone who is ready to share the workload of over stressed employees. He or she is someone who keeps the entire office disciplined but at the same time pays attention to the comfort of the employees. They have to maintain a balance between the owners and the workforce. This is no doubt a huge responsibility and the managers should be given credit for fulfilling such duties throughout their career.

Fulfilling the targets of a company is the duty of the managers as well. Whenever there is a problem with the products or services, angry customers demand to speak with the managers. Appeasing the customers is not easy. Managers have to multitask all day long to get things done. The leaders are happy to make new policies and strategies but implementing them is the responsibility of the managers.

A lot of qualities like patience and perseverance are required for being a good manager who is a favorite of the corporate bosses and the employees. Books should be written about these qualities as well.


Managers are one of the fundamental pillars of a corporate structure but not much is said or written about them. They shoulder the big responsibilities like creating workplace harmony and getting the work done.