Often people try to manipulate us, be it in the form of different advertising messages or politics within the organization. However, if we look at good leaders then we find that they are not manipulators but persuaders. It is also important to know the basic difference between manipulation and persuasion and in the following section; we will look at it in closer detail.

proper guidence is essential for becoming a leader

Persuasion and Manipulation


It is generally a short term tactics in which no one benefits and it normally self-destructs. Main aim of manipulation is to get someone do a task for you and is known to be inwardly focused. It can grow contempt when people come to realize it and after being manipulated people put in the effort to survive and their reactions are out of fear.


Here the aim is to make people take necessary action on their own so that it helps to fulfill the requirements of persuader. People tend to have trust in persuaders, which is lacking in manipulation tactics.

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Unique Qualities Leaders Should Have

Let us now look at some of the qualities that leaders have and separate them ordinary people.


If you are running a business then you will have to set the standards in terms of ethical behavior and honesty, which others will follow. Create a list of core values that the brand stands for, share with employees and encourage them to follow these values.


As a leader, you should have the confidence in your team and be ready to delegate some of the tasks with them. You need to share the brand vision with the team members and allow them to participate in it. Before you delegate any task, you will have to know the strengths of every team member and then decide accordingly. Delegation is an excellent method of showing to your team that you trust them.



You may be very clear in your mind about the goals to be achieved but in case you share it with any of your team members and that person is not able to understand it then you will have to work towards improving your communication skills. You should always make yourself available for discussing inter-office problems and be able to communicate your view in the right manner with the employees. If there is good communication then it will instill confidence in your team and motivate them to work harder.


A leader should be able to relax at difficult times and take things lightly instead of panicking if something goes wrong. Your employees should be allowed to take the mistakes lightly instead of crying about them. This will help to create a healthy work environment, which your team members will appreciate.


At times when the business is not going good, your role will be to uphold morale of your employees. You will have to stay confident and reassure others that these minor setbacks are part of every organization and they cannot distract you from focusing on your main goal. If you stay confident then your employees will feel reassured and continue to work as before.

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There are some decisions that are not pre-defined and you may have to change your plan of action. In such situations, your creativity will be tested and your team will expect you to take the final decision.


There would be situations where what decision is to be taken is uncertain and risks are higher. In such unexpected circumstances, you will have to rely on your intuition.


Leaders have many special qualities that make them different and they are good at persuasion rather than manipulation to convince others to do a task or follow a specific instruction.