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Agreed that most of us are too busy with their monotonous and often uninspiring lives; hence, finding some time for things that could invigorate their senses and inspire their existence simply goes out of question. Being a diehard traveler, I find such notions quite contradictory to my idea of life. I believe in adding life to my life by doing activities that could appeal the person that I am.

Always remember that we can achieve ultimate happiness through small things and of course, one thing at a time. Recently, I was in Thekkady, Kerala, with my wife and kids for a promised vacation. The sheer beauty, charisma, purity and overall ambiance of this stretch of land filled us with happiness and a sense of togetherness.

While appreciating nature at its best, I unearthed a new facet of Kerala tourism industry. The tourism department of the “God’s Own Land” is working in close cooperation with several organizations of the region to provide food, shelter and support to elephants. Thanks to their commendable efforts, these animals have now become an integral and highly appreciated part of Kerala’s tourism industry. Their initiative stands as a testimony to the respect for animals in the minds and hearts of Kerala folks.

After all, we should love and feel for these wonderful creatures that need us as much as we need them.