Not even a single day passes when we do not read or hear the news of sexual abuse cases here in India. It’s become more of a common news. Keeping the gravity of situation in mind, we are just expecting the law enforcement to do the needful without doing our bit that would have made the difference otherwise. Here, it is worthwhile to mention that a slight change in attitude or mentality to tackle this sensitive issue would better the lives of fairer sex, and the society at large. Now the question that are we doing enough on our part still lingers large and here is why.

We ‘The callous people’

Kamalika sexual abuse case

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Kamalika, 17, was assaulted by one of her classmates during school hours and in the school premises itself. When she stood against it, the school authorities, instead of supporting her and bringing the culprit to book, shamed and ostracized her. The humiliation and callous attitude of school authorities left no other option for her but to commit suicide. After being called a liar and attention seeker, ending life perhaps seemed a better solution to Kamalika than to live in this male chauvinist world that takes titillation as a prerogative.

Going to lengths but not doing the right?

It is disgusting that the school authorities were reckless and unsupportive towards the girl’s complaints. The whole episode does not end here as when Kamalika’s mother went to the principal, she was called a terrible mother who did not raise her daughter properly. Had she been a better mother, Kamalika would have not needed the counseling and her tragic fate would have been avoided. The apathy and callousness of the school goes beyond incompetent and nears criminal.

Kamalika’s case is microcosm in macrocosm 

What happened to Kamalika is happening to every young girl here in India or for that matter, all over the world. It represents microcosm in macrocosm. A few who report or take a stand against the sexual abuse are facing tragic ends most of the time while hundreds of such cases still go unreported. We can prevent such cases by supporting the victims and helping them in bringing the culprits to book. Kamalika too mentioned the same in her diary that had someone listened to her, she might have been able to bear the burden.

The victim’s cousin Samita Sharma has started a petition, demanding that the authorities set guidelines to ensure such cases do not occur in the future. Signing and online petition might seem like a signal service, but it can help shape public opinion and put pressure on the government to take action. Perhaps this will somehow help change the mindset.

Change mindset, don’t try change others 

Smriti Irani

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Once the number of those who sign the petition reaches to 30,000 will perhaps exertenough pressure on our honorable Human Resource and Development minister, Smriti Irani,to take the right action an ensure those who speak about the sexual assault are protected and provided counseling.