Time plays a very important role in our lives and it is essential to manage it in a proper way. Most individuals nowadays have hectic work schedules and time management is a big challenge for many of us. There are now many tools available, which can be used to keep track of how time is being spent and increase productivity.


Top three time management tools

Rescue Time:

It is free software which lets you quickly understand as well as optimize the way you and other team members utilize their time. You just need to install software in your system and it will start tracking all the software and online sites that are being visited. The software works silently in the background to keep note of applications that have been opened and those that you are presently using.

The software has a stay-focused feature using which a time range can be defined in which certain predetermined sites would be blocked from access. Along with useful reporting features, the software is necessary for companies to keep distracted employees remain focused.


Many companies use Syncd for analyzing as well as tracking their expenditure and time spent on different tasks. It is a great tool to increase accountability, improve productivity as well as profitability. It is especially useful in client projects in which time tracking is necessary. It is possible to log various expense receipts and use detailed reporting.


Let’s Freckle:

If you want to know about the hidden time sinks or the days on which you work best then this software is for you. The project overview features also helps you find out the least profitable of your clients. The reports provide detailed insight into how every member of your workforce is performing and spending his or her hours. Apart from reporting, the software also consists of invoicing feature. The software comes for a cost but it is worth because of the numerous features it has.


There are several time management tools available online and which one you use largely depends upon your organizations needs and requirements. By setting up any of these time management tools you can be assured that you will be able to monitor performance of your employees properly.