India is going to witness a historical moment as  a person who consider parliament as temple of democracy is going to take an oath in a day. On this occasion I bring you some moments from social media.

इसी ‘नीच राजनीति’ की ऊँचाई भारत माँ को एक समृद्ध और शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के रूप में विश्व में स्थान दिलाने की ताकत रखती है, this quote refers to so called “low level politics” could change and height of it can make India a prosperous and powerful country in the world.



What makes him a great leader, here is tweet from Sudhanshu Mittal ‏@SudhanshuBJP “In case u missed it, @narendramodi donated his salary of 13 yrs as CM for education of girl child, truly blessed to have him as our leader. Also, ‏@narendramodi ads his vision to this donation stating “this small contribution will be a part of a corpus fund that will hopefully grow in future & empower our daughters”. This effort is in continuation to his statement that he made just after winning election  “this Govt. is dedicated to the poor of India, to the youth of India & to the women of India”. We all know about his willingness to contribute and willingness to make positive change.

Dr Parag @ParagDr shares a picture and tweets “every year, Narendra Modi donates gifts which he gets from his well wishers, to the Government treasury.”




Narendra modil loves social media, and social media followers are returning back the love. according to ET Modi’s Twitter handle @narendramodi has 4,240,643 followers, with a weekly growth of 6.77 per cent, monthly increase of 12.22 per cent and quarterly growth of 24.26 per cent. 

On governance front he has already started taking political and diplomatic steps he said in tweets “President Karzai & I talked about Consulate attack in Herat. He assured me he will do everything to protect India‘s Missions in Afghanistan.India salutes the efforts of India‘s security personnel & Afghan security forces for their valiant efforts to fight the terrorists in Herat.” 

On Economic growth front many social leaders and public figures are looking at Narendra Modi, renowned film director Shekhar Kapoor  tweets  “30 years ago, India‘s GDP was same as China’s. Today its less than 1/3rd of China’s. Yes, we need a new direction definitely. 



Pic: Forbes

Industry experts have already started predicting GDP growth. Morgan Stanley raises forecasts, says GDP will expand at a four-year high of 6.5% in the year through March 2016. CII tweets that  – build up the investment to GDP ratio and increase efficiency of investments.  A tweet from Sushtend @sushtend  suggest that the new govt should focus on where nearly 60% of population earns livelihood & contributes just 13-14% to GDP.  But the road ahead is not easy as  suggest selling hope, selling optimism, selling faith in governance… A magic very well pulled off by  but GDP 2015 is his acid test.

Compiled by Dr Prem @drpremj