Social media in today’s scenario is not just about having web portals that help connect to one another; rather it has become an important measure in everybody’s jobs these days. Today numerous social portals are drivers of serious businesses around the world. Therefore, if your job involves being proactive social media marketer, you should never ignore Pinterest.

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Ahalogy survey data cited by Forbes states that Pinterest has nearly 53 million of monthly active users in the United States alone. This takes the reach of Pinterest to another level completely. Pinterest’s growth is one of its kinds, enough to ring the warning bells for social media portals such as facebook, twitter, and more. Pinterest is often referred to as an advertiser’s dream, which it makes it so important.

Following are the reasons that make it clear that Pinterest is of utmost importance to all social media marketers in today’s time:

Most social media users appreciate Pinterest

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Most social media users with time have appreciated Pinterest. Increased number of pins over the years clearly highlights the success saga of Pinterest. The American consumer satisfaction index has also outranked Pinterest in comparison to all other social media sites. The improvements in the features and the search functions have triggered this increase in number of users of Pinterest throughout the world.

Appreciative Pinterest users largely contribute in positive word of mouth marketing of the site that adds more users to Pinterest, which means you, have more people eyeing your product. This chain reaction brings in great profits for the businesses associated with Pinterest.

The popularity of Pinterest is massive

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Pinterest is highly popular amongst the users worldwide. The New York magazine reports that users have put up 30 million pins on Pinterest, which is suggestive of its large-scale popularity. The web traffic makes a mark even in comparison to popular social sites such as Twitter. This is the reason for such an effective and steep reach of Pinterest, which makes it increasingly popular all over world. More popularity means, more users and more users, means more profits.

Most Pinterest users are women

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Nearly eighty percent of Pinterest users are women. As social media marketer, you should know the fact that almost eighty percent of purchase decisions are made by women. You have to target women as your niche, in order to improve your sales figure. And, what better place will you have other than Pinterest to do the same.

Pinterest offers profitable promotions for products and services like none other. Pinterest is a target rich site and this makes it one of the most profitable channels for the businesses. Having an effective Pinterest presence surely means more sales, greater revenues, and increased profits for business.

High conversion rates


Pinterest offers nearly 50 percent more conversion rates as in comparison to other social media portals. This helps in directing people to products, easily and effectively. These high conversion rates of Pinterest help in increasing the profitability of the businesses. It is also an observed fact the users of Pinterest, are spendthrifts when compared to the users of facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

High loyalty of Pinterest users

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It is seen that Pinterest users are loyal to the site. There has been a continued increase in the number of pins of each user with every passing year. This shows the amount of trust they have for the site. As a marketer, you need to use this to the best of your advantage. The key to success is directing this loyalty towards your business as well.


Pinterest offers profitable prospects for the businesses; it should be taken very seriously by the social media marketers. Pinterest offers a deep reach that helps in increasing the sales, which in turn generates more profits.