Travel weary passengers always try to find a place within the airport where they can seat and relax for a while. You will find more than one nice lounges in Istanbul’s two famous airports, Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen. You can sip a cup of coffee and have some snacks at these airport lounges and relax your body muscles for some time before you catch another flight. Some of these lounges offer modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity and shower rooms. You will also find news papers and magazines here.


Though these lounges are comfortable and better than the airport lounges in many other countries, they cannot beat or even come close to the new luxury lounge built by the Turkish airlines at the Ataturk airport. The new lounge named the Istanbul Arrivals Lounge has been built at the arrival zone of the Ataturk airport.

The beautifully decorated lounge has a carpet area of 250 square meters. The passengers of Turkish airlines can rest here before going out of the airport or during their wait for the next flight. It is an extension of the hospitality of the Turkish airlines and it will help them in encouraging even more people to travel business class with them. The new lounge is a great incentive to choose the Turkish airlines above others. They have brought back the Ottoman era charm with the extraordinary décor.


The lounge exudes sophistication and opulence in the most subtle and elegant manner. There is no scarcity of good lounges at the international terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. Many of the lunges have been built by banks, credit cards, different sorts of air travel programs and airlines. You can get a free entry to the lounge that belongs to the airline you are flying with.

The Turkish airline lounge stands out among all the private lounges at the Ataturk airport. This lounge has been decorated by the Autoban Architecture. There are beautiful gilded chair, comfy leather sofas, an array of great books and a beautiful grand piano in this lounge. You will get your choice of foods and beverages here and can also take a shower. The staff of the lounge can iron your clothes before you move out of the airport.


The new lounge built by the Turkish airlines is a wonderful place for relaxation after a long international flight. It has made flying with the Turkish airlines even more comfortable.