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Top cities to visit if you are passionate about sex


Sicily is known to be one of the greatest and most famous oral sex capitals of the world. You would frequently find one out of two people kissing openly on the streets, and guys waiting to have sex with you at each and every small moment. It is also the place where there are many unwanted pregnancies and the missionary position is very common here. It is one of the Sicilian specialties.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also known as one of the greatest sex cities where there are accounts of people smooching in open roads, trains, buses and sub ways. 50% of the travelers are average sex starved passengers who crave for sex all the way round.


Amsterdam is the place where you will find an assortment of prostitutes who you can witness from all heights and angles. Come to Amsterdam for relaxation if you are bored with your so called stressful life and groove into merry with the crowd. It is indeed a sensuous place to be in.


How can one forget Rome, the city of joy where there are a plethora of art, architectures and sculptures? He sculptures of Rome also portray the true value and meaning of sex, people are so much in love and all women are dressed in the most seductive clothes that makes them look sensuous and appealing. You would see a number of prostitutes as well in the city.

San Francisco

San Francisco scores a high rank in one of the sexiest American cities of the world. They consist of a lot of gay as well as people with straight angles.

Some of the other sexy cities in the word are Cannes, Saint Tropez and Pattaya as well. Pattaya is considered to be one of the sexiest cities of the world for gay and lesbian travelers.

So visit the most famous cities in the world for sex and enjoy.


Are you passionate about sex? Then visit the top cities of the world that are passionate about sex.

There are some cities are in the world which you to stay young, agile and playful.

Why is a city known to be so sexy and appealing? Based on a survey it has been seen that the people of the city who are very seductive and appealing usually rank the city as sexy. There are a variety of people and students who are attractive and appealing.

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