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Gavi: A well-developed eco-tourism destination in Kerala insight by Dr Prem Jagyasi

After researching about its locales, weather, people, scenic beauty, and popular beliefs about Gavi, I went there to evaluate the authenticity of claims about the eco-destination status of the place. Eco Tourism destinations are build by community for community, Gavi doesn’t disappoint. Serene and wild, Gavi is the perfect chiaroscuro of nature. Located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, it ...

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Eco-friendly resorts that are a must visit

A vacation without creating harm to the Earth – doesn’t this seem to be an amazing concept? These eco-friendly concept vacations are slowly gaining popularity. Rather than spending huge amount of money on hotels, people are opting for tents, nature resorts, beach side rooms, forest tree houses, etc. These use natural energy like solar, tidal or wind energy to source ...

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Eco-friendly destinations that should feature on your vacation plans

Being eco-friendly is slowly turning out to be every individuals concern. People consider buying eco-friendly cars, and getting the house decorated keeping organic theme in mind. Thinking green is important these days and the same applies for vacations too. More and more people are planning eco-friendly trips. Vacation rental is one such eco-friendly option that can be considered while travelling.

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World’s biggest protected parks

Areas that are preserved, maintained, or managed for their cultural, natural, or ecological values are known as protected areas. These areas serve to prevent a loss, extinction, or damage to species, ecosystems, or cultural practices. Many protected areas have been very successful in doing just that and are valued for their success in preserving particular attributes native to the area. ...

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Life changing places in South-east Asia

There are many wonderful tourist spots in the southeastern parts of Asia. Foreign tourists flock to these places for enjoying a long and exotic vacation. What many people do not know is that there are many exquisite offbeat places in the southeastern parts of Asia that have the capacity to change the way you think and the way you lead ...

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What are the aims and objectives of eco tourism?

Rock house, Negril, Jamaica

Eco tourism or sustainable tourism is designed to make travelers aware of the environment and carry out all tourism operations in an eco-friendly manner. We have listed down a few aims and objectives of ecological tourism. Have a look: Maintaining the Sanctity of the Environment As the name suggests, this special type of tourism revolves around the surrounding environment or ...

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