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Wear to a Thanksgiving Dinner (3)

What Should You Wear to a Thanksgiving Dinner? Ideas and Suggestions

Thanksgiving is almost always about the food. But that doesn’t mean you need to attend (or host) a Thanksgiving dinner ...

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Get in Fall Fashion Tune with a Scarf: 15 Ideas and Tips

Come fall and most of us will start rummaging in the closets, hunting around for all those scarves we had ...

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online shopping trip (3)

Get the most out of your online shopping trip

Many people get jitters at the very thought of going to the mall. These are the kinds who wouldn’t buy ...

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revealing clothes  (4)

Here’s your style guide to wearing revealing clothes

So you are a fashion icon with a belief in the idea of“my life, my body” and make it a ...

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perfect cocktail outfits (1)

Styling tips for men to flaunt the perfect cocktail outfits

When the invitation card reads as cocktail attire then most men are perplexed about the choice for a dress. Basically, ...

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hairstyles with hat (5)

Simple and pretty hairstyles that go with your hat

You can make an effective style statement by wearing pretty and lovely hats. Hats are available for all occasions and ...

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Angel Haze

Celebrities who have pushed the boundaries of gender fluidity

It was David Bowie who set the ball rolling when it came to removal of gender stereotypes. He has literally ...

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seductive cat eyes (1)

Mastering the makeup trick of the seductive cat eyes

Right as a tiny girl you may have tried applying eyeliner to your eyes to make them look pretty. Perfect ...

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Goatee styles for bald men

Goatee styles for bald men for that sharp look

Men want to look stylish and cool for which they are ready to experiment not just with their outfits but ...

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Fashion vocabulary

Fashion vocabulary that should be in your arsenal this summer

These days your outward appearance carries lots of weight. You have to look your stunning best if you want to ...

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spring style (2)

Show off your best features and look with your spring style

With winter gone, you need no longer worry about covering that beautiful body under layers and layers of clothes. Spring ...

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seasonless dressing (1)

The easy way to ace your style for seasonless dressing

Gone are the days when people used to stock up their closets with clothes deemed essential for every season. So ...

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