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Disciplining Children (1)

Should Parents Use Time-Out For Disciplining Children?

A common method of admonishing children for bad manners or mischief is giving them a time-out. During the time-out session ...

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OCD in children

Things parents can do to better handle OCD in children

OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder known to affect adults and children alike. Individuals with ...

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child off the couch (2)

Simple ways you can get your child off the couch and ready for exercise

Obesity has become a growing concern among kids around the world today. Sadly, a packed schedule leaves kids with little ...

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sleep habits of kids (6)

How Your Kids Factor Into Your Taxes

  Anyone with children knows just how much money goes into raising them and making sure they’re happy and healthy ...

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co-parenting (2)

Tips to co-parent kids after a nasty divorce

With divorce rates peaking over the years, it has become important for individuals to understand the importance of co-parenting their ...

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kids with negative attitude (2)

Dealing with kids who have developed a negative attitude

Do not be surprised if the first birthday of you adorable child brings alone a few bad habits since it ...

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Young Couple With Documents And Computer

Managing your home expenses after becoming parents

Your home expenses will rise after you become parents, so what can you do to manage the expenses? You need ...

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Angry kid girl showing hand signaling to stop useful to campaign

Discipline your kids without being too hard on them

Those people who choose beating or hitting to teach a desirable behavior pattern to their kids often cause serious emotional ...

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share as a habit (2)

Encouraging your child to share as a habit

The habit of sharing in your child can be inculcated in the initial years with ease. This is not only ...

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practice self-compassion (2)

Encourage your kids to practice self-compassion and make them self-reliable

Parents try to inculcate good manners and self-esteem in their kids. They believe that kids who know their self-worth and ...

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Pouting Girl

Tactics to employ when your child is in a fit of rage

A child in rage can be self destructive and disrespectful, you need to have an action plan to handle your ...

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family drawing money house clothes and video game symbol on the

Family income and a healthy environment present a tangible effect on development

No doubt, along with being good providers to their families parents must make enough time for their kids. They must ...

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