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tell daughters about sex education

Things that mothers must tell daughters about sex education

Mothers may find it difficult to talk about birds and bees to their daughters. But with an increasing number of ...

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Dash ad Dot Programmable Robots

Fantastic gadgets to help with your child’s development

Everything in this modern world has turned extremely high tech including the way we raise our children. Being a computer ...

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Parenting in the cyber age

Parenting in the cyber age: How updated we are

Today, we are at the pinnacle of age of technology and our children are no less that a robot with ...

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World’s Best Dad

Things that tell you how to become the World’s Best Dad

As quoted by Michael Josephson, being a father is the most important role you will ever play and if you ...

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Control Your Expectations

Motivating teenagers towards learning and education

With parents whose child is in his/her teenage, its quiet often when you find your child getting lazy and turning ...

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catastrophic parenting

Traits of catastrophic parenting

Most parents would agree that parenting is a rollercoaster ride, you enjoy and scream as well. There are moments of ...

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fun of having twins

The fun of having twins, and the parenting responsibilities of the situation

Twins are double the joy, double the fun and double the trouble. Not necessary double trouble though,many mothers of twins ...

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same sex couples parenting

Parenting tips for same sex couples

When compared to the children of regular parents, the children of same sex parents were found to be healthier and ...

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hobby classes

Kickstart your kid’s creative journey with hobby classes

One may wonder if it is really important to burden the child with additional activities like hobby classes, when children ...

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child’s self-esteem (1)

Build a home environment that boosts your child’s self-esteem

One of the problems that some parents face is boosting the self-esteem of their child. Some children may consider themselves ...

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Sexy young woman in orange panties

All that you need to know about your first periods after pregnancy

Women stop having periods during their pregnancy. Even after the delivery, she will enjoy this especially if she is breastfeeding. ...

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Talk to your kids  (2)

Talk to your kids in a way that they actually listen to what you say

As a parent, you must have experienced that your child just keeps ignoring you. You ask your child to come ...

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