Have you ever realized how you could make use of an online photo tool such as Flickr to build your small business? Flickr is an easy application to use and is a powerful social media tool. As a small business, you will need to think creatively so as to compete effectively against bigger names.

One such way will be to make use of Flickr as a marketing strategy. Below are some features in Flickr, which would help small businesses use it as a marketing tool to stay ahead of competition.

Use Flickr as an Advertising Platform

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Create a Flickr profile and use it to advertise your company name as well as the products and/or services that it is offering. While you create your Flickr profile, ensure that you provide a clear description of yourself and offer information about your company, the products and/or services it provides and so on. In doing so, avoid the hard sell or you might just turn off your prospective customers.

Upload Relevant Photos

Uploading Relevant Photos

Having a visual portfolio through photos are important is showing what you have to offer. Use Flickr’s 1TB of storage to upload creative, informative pictures which you think would attract customers. After you upload the pictures, you could even embed them into other websites or blogs that you may be hosting.

Ensure that you to give your pictures names as well as appropriate corresponding descriptions. Flickr then makes these images SEO- friendly by allowing them to appear in search engine results. This gives small businesses enhanced online visibility, thereby increasing visitor traffic. Again, avoid making a hard sell and make the text informative instead.

Link Flickr to Social Media

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You could also share your Flickr link on any social media platform that you are connected to. Many people today use Flickr to upload their favorite pictures. As such, when you link your Flickr URL to these social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, you are in turn, building up your traffic and enhancing your business’s name. Just remember to avoid using Flickr as a hard marketing tool. Instead, use the URL that you are provided and advertise your business on the social media sites.

The Internet is a land of opportunity for small businesses to tap on. One such platform that can be tapped on is Flickr, which allows businesses to showcase products on offer.