Internet has levelled the playing field to a great extent by giving access to global markets. For small businesses to figure in the first page of search engines may appear intimidating, but there are simple techniques to fight the big guns. Read more

Developing content is of vital importance for the success of any website. The basic work of content strategists is to design content which will enthral the audience and will help in increasing the customer base and the revenue, after all, strategies are for generating better ROI. Read more

SEO has come a long way from when it was just used for research based purposes. It has become so important these days that ranking in the first page of a search engine has become a mandate for any website to do good business. People who search for things online almost always never move beyond the first 5-6 links or so. As such, they can become ready buyers of a product if it is listed high in the ranks of search engines. It has come to the point that SEO is the main tool that makes or breaks a business today. Read more