SEO has come a long way from when it was just used for research based purposes. It has become so important these days that ranking in the first page of a search engine has become a mandate for any website to do good business. People who search for things online almost always never move beyond the first 5-6 links or so. As such, they can become ready buyers of a product if it is listed high in the ranks of search engines. It has come to the point that SEO is the main tool that makes or breaks a business today.

SEO as we see it today

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In the past, search engines used keywords for searching appropriate content over the internet. However, the newer algorithms used today provide user intent based content rather than sticking to keywords and phrases alone.

A number of search engines also utilize ranking algorithms that help a website gain more publicity or otherwise. For example, the use of pogo sticking behavior and other similar techniques would help describe which websites are worth visiting and which don’t deserve a second glance.

Tools like Google Analytics also offer websites essential information like the bounce rate which shows how many people to the website stop at one page. A lower bounce rate in this case would mean a good quality website and a higher ranking on the Google search engine.

Tips to make use of SEO to your benefit

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Here are some tips that would help you use current SEO techniques to your benefit when promoting your blog/website.

  • Long tail keywords aka key phrase

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Rather than using keywords, focus on creating key phrases. Since key phrases do not have much competition on search engines, your blog would enjoy a higher ranking when searched by a key phrase. This key phrase would need to be aligned with the words your users would use when searching for website related content.

  • Onsite optimization

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This includes the developer controllable factors of the website, including the content and coding. Add keywords/key phrases to the URLs and choose URLs that are simple and easy to read. Insert keywords/key phrases in all meta descriptions, title tags, headers and images, etc. as well. Choose a responsive website design to make your website more mobile friendly as many individuals tend to browse the internet on their mobile phones and tablets these days.

  • High quality content

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While the coding of a website remains hidden from the user’s view, the content is in plain sight for any visitor to see. High quality content is one of the main driving factors for increased traffic to a website. Ensure that the content in your website is original, creative and interesting. This would attract more visitors to your website, thus increasing your ranking on search engines automatically.

  • Quality link backs

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The more link backs your website receives, the higher ranking it would get on the search engine. Ensure to get quality link backs from authority websites and other related online sources. Choose to blog on other websites and link back to your website in the process. Make the content on your website shareable so that you will attract more link backs automatically.

  • Social media tools

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Social media plays an important role in the success or failure of a website. Choose to promote your website content via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Pin and LinkedIn, etc. Social snippets on these websites would allow you to display your content appropriately with the proper heading, description, images and back links. This, in turn, would make your content more readable, thus attracting more users to your website.

Useful SEO Tools for websites

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A number of SEO tools are available in the market for beginners who have little or no idea of how SEO works. Some of these include:

  • HubSpot

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This is a marketing automation tool that would guide you through the entire SEO process as you write your blog. The tool also allows you to import your text from outside and offers you the best advice on how to improve its’s SEO.

  • SocialEars

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This tool helps you to analyze your post and provide appropriate outbound links related to trending topics. The tool would first check the trending topics on social media. It would then check your keywords and phrases to establish a target audience. Following this, it would recommend a series of outbound links you can use for your blogs.

Search engine optimization has come a long way today to include more than just simple keywords and key phrases. By understanding how current SEO practices work and related tools, one can enjoy a higher ranking on search engines, and better business to the website in the process.