Marketing is an ongoing effort for businesses to generate awareness and interest and also to retain and attract new customers. For small businesses, personalized ads create a connection with customers that can help the businesses retain long-term clients.

Technology and Communication

Technology and Communication

Technology has made communication easy and added constraints simultaneously. Nowadays even small businesses can approach huge number of audiences all thanks to the power of internet. It is one fastest medium of communication that helps business owners to directly represent their aims and objectives to masses.

Using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter or other personalized company website or blogs, companies can easily increase their online presence and gain large number of audiences in very less time.

Localizing Communication

Localizing Communication

Localizing communication by creating a presence in local events, sharing content that is easy to relate and creating social media forums for discussing local issues are a good strategy to gain customers. Before internet intervention, people hung out at the local stores and the business owner knew everyone by name and face.

Today, people locally hang around stores, but most of the communication happens via the internet. To cater to local communities, using personalized emails that are written in the local dialect, and sending personalized messages on special occasions for the family will boost marketing efforts.

Personalized Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Sending personal push notifications via the website to existing customers doesn’t appear relevant to many big businesses, though it is very helpful on the shop-floor. Amazon uses personalized marketing automation tool that will give shoppers recommendations just like a shop floor assistant.

Some tools like personalized product recommendation and email re-marketing can be used by small businesses foraying into online retailing. Even a live chat tool can add a lot of mileage in enhancing shopping experience.

There are various marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Eloqua,, HubSpot, etc., which can help small businesses build connection business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships.

According to various marketing researches, it has been clear that a good marketing tool can increase qualified leads to a great extent and can even help in converting customers into long-term clients.

Retargeting with Personalized Communication 

re-targeting ads

Personalized re-targeting ads that are designed on the basis of an individual’s past purchases are becoming central to online marketing experience. It helps in strengthening brand awareness, especially among regular customers. Many small businesses are using re-targeting to connect with potential customers who visited the shop without making the purchase, but showing interest in a product. It also gives scope for optimizing ad campaigns at different stages.

There are consumer behavior analysis tools that can be used to design targeted ad campaigns. You can use these extensively to design your personalized ad campaign.