Considering the fact that more than half of the world is online today, it is only wise that a business ensure it has a working website to attract online customers. It is also imperative that the website sports a design that is attractive as well as functional. A website that provides a nice user experience via good content, easy navigability and fast load times, etc. will definitely retain existing customers as well as attract new ones to the business.

So if you find your website not attracting enough visitors, chances are it needs to be redesigned. Here are some telltale signs that would indicate the same as well.

The design does not reflect your brand accurately

reflect your brand

Your website will need to reflect your brand’s name and is the first impression the customer will get of your business. For instance, if your business has to do with auto spare parts, there is no point in having a website that looks like a promotion for a spring time festival. Your website’s design needs to be aligned with the core values of your company. Anything other than that and your website needs an overhaul.

The website has a non-responsive design


Users no longer open up websites on computers alone. The modern day user surfs websites on his tablet, smartphone, television, music and even gaming device. Your website needs to feature a responsive design that adapts automatically to differing screen sizes and resolutions. If not, it would not open up properly on these alternate devices, costing you a lot of customers in the process. So if your website has a non-responsive design, it is a sure indicator that a redesign is needed.

The website loads slowly

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No one likes to wait around forever for a website to load. With the average load time for a standard website being fixed at just 6 seconds, it is imperative that your website opens up within this period. If you find your website crossing this mark by a few seconds, consider taking out the elements causing the delay. If it takes longer than that, your website needs to be redesigned completely.

The website has non-functional parts

No one likes a website that throws a ‘404 not found’ error just when they are getting really interested in a website. A well designed website is one where all the individual elements function without any issues. So take a deep look at your website, checking all the pages and links. If you find the error message displaying on more than a few instances, chances are you need to redesign your website completely.

A website tends to be the digital face of a business. If you find your website shooing away visitors instead of the other way around, take a good look for these telltale signs which indicate your website needs a new design.