What is mindfulness? How to achieve?

Mindfulness implies being in the present moment. Focus on the present situation. Forget about the past gains and pains. Stop projecting the future. Just be in the moment. Rein in your mind to the present moment. To realize this special trait, people are visiting mindful travel destinations in different parts of the world.

In this fast paced world, our mind is always ‘on’ wandering aimlessly and ceaselessly amidst this chaotic flow of thoughts. We strive and struggle to get things done, meet deadlines and fulfill tasks one after another. We stop living for the present moment.  This agitates our mind. Struggling is important in life but equally important is to pause and slow down a bit.  For example, many of us rush to pick up a phone call driven the hasty nature that we have developed bit by bit. We tend to lose our focus instantly. We cease to be mindful.

There are key principles that would lead you to mindfulness:


Focus on the present moment – Don’t get lost in thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Being fully present– What are you experiencing around you at present? What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are your body sensations?

Be open to experience – We always dread or apprehend any experience. But we should welcome these with curiosity. The thoughts and feelings that come up naturally are mere momentary sensations. As you become aware of the flow of your thoughts and sensations, these change naturally overtime preventing you from getting overwhelmed.

Be non-judgmental – Do not judge your feelings as good or bad. You should not even try to change or act on them. Every feeling has an objective. Accept them with an open mind but consciously.

Accept life as it comes to you – Your vision may not fit in the reality. Therefore, never force any change in reality and consider yourself as a victim of unfairness. Have the strength that you can tolerate any experience that life gifts you. This would give you the strength to extend this acceptance to others.

Be connected – As you practice acceptance, you feel connected with yourself and all animate and inanimate objects around you. You feel thankful for your life and traits that nature has endowed on you.

Practice non-attachment – Nothing is permanent as life is a continuous flow. Never hold on to any thing, people and experiences. Attachment breeds worry and fear. Be confident enough to adapt with the flow of life.

Maintain equanimity– Life brings you highs and lows. Never get swept away in this tide. These situations do not present the entire scenario. Be firm in your vision and values and you walk away with a peaceful heart and non-harming attitude.

Extend your compassion – Never criticize or punish yourself and others. Be compassionate. Understand your capabilities and accept those. Understand other’s situation instead of condemning or punishing.

How to achieve Mindfulness?

say ‘Yes’ to the present. You accept the reality without being judgmental. It may not sound easy but is not that tough either. Remember mindfulness is our innate trait. We just need to nurture it through practice. We do exhibit a certain degree of mindfulness through our various activities. Don’t you get lost while reading an interesting book or watching an exciting movie? You become so engrossed that you become oblivious of what is happening around you. Your full attention remains on the present happening. To practice mindfulness you do not need any formal setting. You can do it at your home at anytime of the day that suits you best. You can go for a nature work or practice meditation regularly. The objective remains the same – to achieve a state of mental awareness through focused relaxation.

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