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Online Reputation Masterclass by Dr Prem Jagyasi

The distinction between online presence and online reputation is a tenuous yet significant one. Online presence describes the degree to…

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Dr Prem’s Medical Wellness Part 3- The Growth of Medical Wellness and How to Deliver Delightful Experiences

The growth of Medical Wellness and how it is delivering delightful experiences. What is the general behavioral trend of medical…

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Dr Prem’s Medical Wellness Masterclass Part 2 – Why Wellness Matters More in Healthcare?

Why Wellness Matters more in Healthcare? Health means lack of disease but wellness is multidimensional. You cannot define wellness in…

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Dr Prem’s Masterclass Insights -Why Medical Wellness is the Future of Medical Tourism?

The future of medical tourism is in the hands of wellness. Today, medical tourism needs better solutions that would add…

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Medical Tourism Masterclass – Evolving trends and the future medical tourism business

How do you think medical tourism is evolving? The video presents my assessment of evolving medical tourism trends at the…

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Mental Wellness – The biggest upcoming challenge for humanity by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Today, if something has stalled the world, it is not the ‘microdemon’ but our unpreparedness. We did have knowledge about…

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