Medical Tourism Consultancy – Business, Marketing, Promotion & Investment Packages by Dr Prem

Medical tourism is around $60-$100 billion industry. It is here to grow, but are you prepared to capture business. Connect with Dr. Prem Jagyasi and team to learn how we can help you to grow in Medical Tourism, with Three Simple Steps, One Can not grow in Medical tourism without
1) Understanding, Guidance, Knowledge, and Training
2) Developing Online Reputation & Online Presence like the responsive website and social media impact
3) Networking and Outreaching – including relationship management, marketing, promotion, networking with key stakeholders.
We, at Dr Prem and Associates, provide comprehensive Medical Tourism Consultancy services will provide strategic marketing plan based on service offering, current trends, destination trends,  strategic branding, and strategic positioning.
– Medical Tourism Marketing Consultancy
– Target Market Strategies in Medical Tourism
– Relationship Management, Introductions & Networking
– Revenue Stream from International Business
– International Patient Department Strategies
– Public Relation Consultancy in Medical Tourism
– Customer Service Training
– Online and Social Media Marketing
– Event Marketing & Networking Strategies
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