A Quick Guide To Wellness Resort Design by DR PREM JAGYASI

With the context of trends and the remarkable growth of wellness resorts, how much influence can design have on our well-being? How can design go beyond what is now considered standard amenities?

Here is my 4’s wellness resort design guide – Space, Surroundings, Sound, and Services to consider in the project’s predesign and concept development which will also help you to build sustainable and mind-blowing designs embracing corporate wellness philosophy.

Space, surroundings, sound, and services – contribute to sensory experiences as you step into a wellness resort long before you are into the scheduled programs. Proper sensory management is the key component of wellness resort design and architecture in sync with the natural surroundings.


This includes all the external and internal spaces of various constructions in the resort namely living rooms, resting spaces, dining spaces, spa and treatment rooms, consultation spaces, washrooms, private and public spaces where guests are likely to interact with the staff, nature, and others.


This encompasses the entire outdoor natural sound and indoor acoustic management that supports a serene and tranquil ambience.


The overall natural surrounding both inside and outside of the resort premises. Lush valleys, greenery, curated gardens and lawns, wilderness, ocean fronts, water bodies, hills, and mountains comprise the external surroundings. Internal surroundings include everything related to interior décor and arrangement of spaces.


All the above three sensory management have a great impact on the service of wellness resorts. Thinking the other way round, smart and efficient service and support can promote the overall sensory experiences of guests.


Infusing wellness into design strategy is a subtle process with smart planning, programming, and technology that remain invisible but trigger a feel for wellbeing.  Wellness is more of a sensory experience. Understanding the need for sensory experiences and enhancing it through interactions with the surroundings is the cornerstone of wellness resort architecture. I believe  Wellness resort design has been evolving beyond the typical architecture and interior décor to a deeper understanding of the interdependency of nature and human beings.

If you wish to connect Dr Prem Jagyasi for your wellness resort design and architecture needs just connect with him at drprem.com/contact

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