Dr. Prem’s Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass in Kolkata Unfolds New Visions and Opportunities.

In the heart of vibrant Kolkata, Eastern India, we’ve recently marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of a Medical and Wellness Tourism Masterclass, a standout event in the region.

Sponsored by Medical Serenity, a highlight of this gathering was the enlightening fireside chat with CEO Tousif Arfeen, where the audience’s dynamic participation and insightful debates significantly enriched the experience. Delving into the burgeoning field of Wellness Tourism Facilitation, I explored the latest trends, innovative ideas, and inspiring success stories, offering practical tips for launching successful ventures in this exciting domain.

The session wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was an interactive platform that transformed into a fertile ground for new thoughts and strategies in wellness tourism. For those who missed this opportunity, there’s no need to worry. More content and insights from this event are on the way.

Additionally, I invite you to connect with me in personalized one-on-one sessions or join me at my upcoming masterclasses across various countries, including India, Turkey, Georgia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and the Philippines. This continuous journey of learning and inspiration is just a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of wellness tourism.

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