Internet of Things and Telemedicine in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Internet of Things by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi – A Global Healthcare and Technology experts talks about role of internet of things and how it will change healthcare delivery system. He talks about together IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine will create perfect growth platform in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism.

Internet of Things and Telemedicine in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism
The future global healthcare is gearing up for a widespread remote health care monitoring through Internet of Things and Telemedicine. The number of skillful specialists are not rising at pace with the number of rising patients. Therefore, it is estimated that about 4 million patients would opt for remote health care monitoring by 2020.

IOT is targeted to continuous real-time communicability with the patient and the healthcare provider with enhanced interoperability of applications through mobile devices, gadgets and wearables. Enhanced communicability gives a detail case history enabling physicians to adopt judicious treatment procedures.

This would enable improved healthcare delivery through accurate data compilation and automated workflow reducing the cost and waiting time of patients substantially. Availability of real-time data would help in better disease management providing timely treatment minimizing the chances of error.

IOT through timely alerts would lead people more towards preventive healthcare considerably reducing the chances of suffering both physically and financially. Managing the huge medical data would demand more utilization of Artificial Intelligence that can scan millions of health documents in seconds and provide the required treatment suggestions.

Telemedicine market, which is expected to touch US$ 336.3 billion in 2020, will show up in a bigger way in pre and post treatment management. In medical tourism sector, telemedicine would find wider applications where most of the patient’s prognosis can be monitored effectively irrespective of geographical location sparing him/her from repeat travel/visits.

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