Dr Prem’s Medical Wellness Masterclass Part 2 – Why Wellness Matters More in Healthcare?

Why Wellness Matters more in Healthcare? Health means lack of disease but wellness is multidimensional. You cannot define wellness in just a few words. Wellness has several dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, occupational, financial, spiritual wellness, and environmental wellness. Every dimension impacts your well-being. The video explains the impact of wellness on your health and why healthcare is incomplete without wellness. Wellness gives you a feeling of fullness. Typically, medical treatment focuses only on a specific part of the body or symptoms, wellness deals with the person in its entirety, his physical, emotional, spiritual, and other aspects. Medical treatments are mostly focused on end results while wellness is more focused on the process or the journey toward the end result.

When the process is excellent and taken care of, the end result will always be great. That is the magic of wellness! Patients cognizant of the wellness journey enjoy the process and experience great outcomes. This is where wellness matters in healthcare. People are more aware and more empowered. Wellness is a self-directed process whereas typical healthcare is mostly a guidance-based process. Patients are bound to follow specific instructions without understanding everything.

That makes the process bit mundane where the patient cannot engage on their own. Today, lots of conversations are happening about holistic wellness and integrated wellness. How it is impacting the patients’ lives? What is wellness integration? How you can do it for your business benefit? The video presents some interesting aspects and valuable information that will help you create unique offerings. Watch the video and share your comments.

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