Wellness with Medical Treatment is the Future of Medical Tourism – Learn How to develop integrated business by DR PREM JAGYASI

Medical tourism businesses can no longer thrive as standalone entity. It has to be integrated with wellness treatments and programs. How hospitals, clinics, wellness resorts, and facilitators can embrace this integration? What are the best practices?

Let us observe and analyze.

  1. Long stay vacations to get more preference

Travel will no longer be easy as before. Fluctuating border restrictions will make visa procurement difficult. With lesser flexibility in travel, patients would go for medical tourism only in dire situations and book long stay vacations to recover, rejuvenate and fulfill quarantine restrictions.

  1. Higher demand for preventative wellness programs

Patients will demand preventative wellness treatments integrated with the prime medical treatment to prevent themselves from falling ill again and incur expensive treatments. They will prefer self-health care management with personalized wellness programs.

  1. Integrated wellness will promote medical tourism

Proper integrated wellness practices with treatments lead to enhanced treatment outcomes and patient experience. It will be easier to win clients by instilling confidence in them of the proven outcomes.

  1. Curation and personalization – two vital arms of wellness integration

With 1000+ wellness treatments and therapies available, the expertise lies in the meticulous curation of wellness programs. Be mindful in program selection suiting your provisions. Make it personalized according to the patient’s individual needs and mental and physical status.

  1. Wellness integration must add value to individual medical tourism programs

Integration of wellness will not help unless it adds specific value to the patient. How the patient is feeling after those programs? Accurate patient evaluation and the wellness treatments selected can add value to the patient’s integrated program.

Recent Articles:

  1. Ensure a delightful outcome

Patients’ expectations and their experiences matter. It has no limits. Integrating wellness components with medical treatments can create ‘delightful moments’ for patients which medical treatments alone cannot offer. Set a scale to measure the individual delighted experience.

  1. Understand your customers’ perception of pricing

Are your products pricey or cheap for your customers? Your customers’ perception of price will vary with their socioeconomic background and their country of residence. Even patients from rich nations will not be willing to pay the same price for the similar wellness treatment available in their home countries.

  1. Be humane in communication

Patients reach out to you only to end their sufferings. Your products should resonate with them. Understand their fear and concerns and set the tone that your products will end their pains and tensions. If the patient feels your empathetic tone, he is more likely to buy your product.

  1. Guarantee outcomes

Whatever wellness programs you integrate, it should have guaranteed outcomes. Apart from the delightful experience, the programs should have recognizable benefits. There might be delayed outcomes in some, be in touch with them to collect timely feedback.

  1. Be prudent in reputation management, offline and online

What is your customers’ experience with your products? How they are reacting to it, be it online or offline? Do not waste time in promoting good reviews. Be smart in dealing with negative reviews. Show your commitment by going a few steps ahead in resolving customers’ issues.

Integration of wellness in medical tourism is poised to create interesting trends. Stay tuned with us.

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