Future of Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism by Dr Prem Jagyasi – AI, IOT, Geno

Dr. Prem Jagyasi was invited to deliver a keynote speech in an International Healthcare and Travel Forum where he shared his views on Shaping the Future of Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism, and Wellness Tourism Industry.

He talks about advanced topics from User Perspective Healthcare Technology which include Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Internet Of Things, Precision Medicine, GenoMeds, Regenerative Medicine, mHealth, Wearables, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Telemedicine.

He also talked about what are some of the game-changing innovations that have still not reached its full potential to improve global health?

Artificial intelligence: Telemedicine has created the necessity of using Artificial intelligence as there is big data involved in digital healthcare support. However, this is being taken care of by the evolution of the digital capacity capable of storing this voluminous data to be retrieved later on for significant application. Artificial Intelligence can arrange ways for patients to locate good physicians and other medical facilities. For example, IBM Watson can scan 40 million medical documents in 15 seconds and suggest suitable treatment guidance. It will go a long way in bringing effective healthcare solutions quickly at your doorstep.

Internet of things: Internet of things in the domain of healthcare is aimed at the interoperability of applications and gadgets enabling better communication with the patient and caregivers/physicians. It is employed by hospitals and medical clinics to enable them to keep track of the patient’s condition through the integrated connectivity of mobile devices, applications, and gadgets. The system makes it possible to treat and monitor patients in faraway locations on a real-time basis. Distance doesn’t mean an obstacle since the medic interacts with the patient, gets updates on his health parameters, delivers treatment and recommends medication as if he/she is sitting right in the clinic.

M Health: M Health is synonymously used to the application of mobile phones and other wireless gadgets in our life to achieve faster and efficient medical treatment. These handy electronic devices elucidate the layman about the preventive healthcare system. The use of Mhealth is wide and highly technology-based that encompasses the following areas:

Wearables: These ‘put-ons’ are turning fast into one of the most trusted options widely across the world to monitor health parameters. These wearable devices (for example apple watch, Fitbit, etc.) make you accessible to mass data relating to your health. This enables you to comprehend your mental and physical health better. The global healthcare wearable market is estimated to generate $17.8 million annual revenue.

Augmented Reality: This revolutionary invasion in the healthcare sector with immense prospects of quality healthcare delivery on a real-time basis is making news regularly. Its range of applications encompasses complex surgeries, medical imaging, pharmacy management and fitness management where a 3D view of operation is presented through cameras and mobile devices to the viewers. A ground-breaking operation was conducted by Dr Safi Ahmed, the cancer surgeon in the Royal London Hospital where the real-time operation was streamed and specialists from different locations could actively participate in the operation.

Virtual reality: Virtual reality has a great future though it is a rather new field of medical technology. It has a beneficial impact on the patient as well as on the procedures adopted by doctors for treating patients. The fascinating aspects of medical virtual reality would be like observing critical treatments actively participating in it as if you are wielding the surgical instrument.

Telemedicine: While remote healthcare monitoring is the need of the hour, telemedicine is making rapid strides with innovative features and applications in global healthcare. Currently, telemedicine does address patients staying at a great distance from any medical facility but its benefits extend far beyond.

Genomics: Genomics is going to set a new benchmark in the treatment approach profoundly enhancing the well-being of the patients at a much-reduced cost. The treatment action plan based on genome profiles of patients leads towards personalized medicine or precision medicine saving the patients from unnecessary medication toxicity and ineffective treatment decisions.

About Dr Prem Jagyasi – an award-winning global speaker, executive coach, bestseller author, and Publisher. Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 65 countries to conduct workshops and addressed numerous international conferences, he is awarded as Times Power Men (Times of India) for his global speeches and contribution to society. Leading authority and influencer in Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism, and Wellness Tourism.

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