What is Emotional Wellness and why its important in corporates

In corporate life, we often tend to forget that businesses are so much more than financial balance sheets of debit and credit. Businesses are made of people vis-a-vis your employees. Your employees are your biggest asset whose support is required to run a successful business. Your employees are made of flesh and blood, and looking out for their well being should be your top priority. A happy employee is more productive and in the long run a valuable asset for the company.

Emotional wellness refers to a positive sense of self and enough mental wellbeing that enables a person to go through obstacles that life puts him/her through.

When a person is emotionally fulfilled, they are more likely to manage the situation in a critical and analytical way. When it comes to emotional wellbeing at the workplace, the employer has to make sure that the employee experiences the right amount of pressure. Too much and it causes burn out, too little and employees feel dissatisfied.

But recently the scope of workplace wellness has broadened its horizon, employers have started realizing that helping employees maintain a work-life balance is important. They have also taken into account that providing the employees with resources that help them in coping-up with their personal problems is also very necessary for their overall emotional wellbeing at the workplace.

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