Flex Your Mind by Nurturing Intellectual Wellness – Dr Prem Shares valuable insights

How often do you think of stretching your mind beyond confined thoughts and beliefs? How often do you feel the thrill of trying new things? If not, you are missing a great aspect of well-being.

Intellectual wellness is quite often overlooked as people prefer to remain status quo. It is the ability of an individual to engage in creative things, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are so essential to thrive. This is a non-stop pursuit to cultivate your mind through healthy challenges.

Continuous learning is the easiest way to intellectual wellness. You can read, take up new courses, or participate in meaningful conversations with experts. More you do this, more you improve your cognitive skills like improved focus, memory retention, analytical thinking and swiftness in actions.

Next is the creativity; it gives you unlimited domain to nurture your intellectual wellness be it writing, painting, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, debating and what not? Do you know your social connections can also contribute to your intellectual well-being?
With all such endless opportunities to intellectual wellness, should you allow your mind to stagnate?

Your mind is the storehouse of potential. The more you set it free, the more you are pleasantly surprised!

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Amazing, Well said Dr Prem Jagyasi

Totally agree we actually should try new things, other than just sticking to the screens, wise words Dr Prem Jagyasi 😊

I think this is very helpful, we actually should try new things and increase our knowledge.

Thinking is a mental process of forming associations to make meaning of the world which is nothing but a bunch of electrochemical reactions.

Intellectual wellness frees you from boredom. Spice for your mind. 🙂

Creativity brings out the best in the task we perform

Interesting! I like how you express each point, its amazing to learn new things from you dr. prem sir.

Can someone give me few Examples of Intellectual Wellness?

What are the other Dimensions of wellness?

A belief is a thought that you make real, or accept as true. Choosing to make a thought real or not is a decision under the very power of the will.

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