Dr Prem’s Medical Wellness Part 3- The Growth of Medical Wellness and How to Deliver Delightful Experiences

The growth of Medical Wellness and how it is delivering delightful experiences. What is the general behavioral trend of medical tourists during the treatment in a destination? They stay in a hospital or a facility for a few days and in a hotel or a resort or some accommodation for another few days to recuperate and followups before getting fit to fly back. How medical wellness can create unique and delightful experiences during the pre and post-treatment phase? How can you create great packages?

And if you make it personalized? Nothing like it. Watch this amazing video to know the details on how medical wellness plays a part in a delightful patient journey.

The video gives thoughtful ideas and presentations. Medical treatments and recovery need not be scary. Medical wellness aims at pulling out the patient from the physical and emotional lows creating some delightful moments that will encourage and motivate patients to live a quality and fulfilling life. How medical tourism and wellness tourism businesses can create such moments? Humans hate instructions. Unfortunately, modern medicine is more instruction-based. Patients are not made to know or understand the whys and hows of the suggested treatments.

They are just advised to follow. Is it acceptable every time? Perhaps not. The result – unsatisfactory outcomes most of the time. This process has been creating patient disengagement where they are unable to comprehend many things. Wellness enlightens, enhances, engages, and empowers. Wellness drives self-initiative. Patients willingly adhere to wellness practices even if it comes as a set of instructions at times. They are more engaged. They come across moments of delight. You get better outcomes than expected.


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