The Health and Beauty Expo In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq Kicks Off With a Thrilling Start

Thrilled to have had an amazing first day at the Health and Beauty Expo in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq!

I had the honour of delivering the opening speech and conducting a masterclass. The exhibition showcased top-notch quality, exceptional hosting, and fantastic services. I also had the opportunity to discuss the development of sustainable medical tourism in emerging destinations like Sulaymaniyah, as well as managing the inbound and outbound flow of the industry.

Why Sulaymaniyah? Let me tell you!

This hidden gem, located near the Iran border, offers the perfect blend of safety and modernity. With breathtaking mountain ranges, resorts, lakes, and urban parks, it’s a haven for nature lovers. The city also boasts upscale shopping malls, captivating cultural experiences, and a wealth of museums and archaeological sites that add to its allure. As the Cultural Capital of Kurdistan and a UNESCO city of literature, Sulaymaniyah’s cultural richness is simply enchanting.

Moreover, Sulaymaniyah enjoys excellent air links with the Middle East, Turkey, Germany, and more, making it easily accessible for international tourists. With millions of visitors flocking to Kurdistan, including a significant percentage from southern and central Iraq, as well as Iran, Turkey, Europe, and the US, the region has tremendous potential for medical tourism.

Sulaymaniyah boasts outstanding specialty hospitals and clinics, making it an attractive destination for medical tourism in Iraq. By hosting the Health and Beauty Expo, we are paving the way for Iraq’s growth in this sector. Bringing together industry leaders and experts to provide guidance will unlock incredible opportunities and address challenges.

This expo is making a significant impact on Iraq’s healthcare capacity building and resource allocation. It’s a fascinating time as Iraq positions itself among the growing competition from neighboring countries. The strategic approach and unique offerings of Sulaymaniyah will be crucial in determining its success. Stay tuned for more updates from this extraordinary event!

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