Developing Wellness Business

By Dr Prem Jagyasi |

At the Indian Salon & Wellness Congress by Franchise India 2016, Dr. Prem Jagyasi, Award Winning Leader, Speaker, Influencer & MD & CEO- Dr. Prem & Associates reflected on several facets and factors that make Wellness a $3.4 trillion industry across the globe. He further discussed the potential of wellness tourism for budding entrepreneurs. Wellness Tourism Industry is an innovation driven sector being espoused by individual entrepreneurs and start-ups, which is gaining ground nowadays for obvious reasons.

While kicking off the discussion, Dr Prem Jagyasi provided a brief insight into the enormity of Wellness Industry and various sub-systems that come together to make it colossal. According to Dr Prem, the global wellness industry is now a mixed bag of various wellness regimes, such as spas, salons, etc, traditional yet highly sophisticated medical practices, and of course, alternative wellness areas of specialization.

Supported by wellness facts and figures, Dr Prem further explained available wellness opportunities for those who intend to become a part of the global Wellness Movement. With his sure focus on sustainability aspect of wellness business, he allowed his listeners to learn the basics of Product, Market, Brand, and Care in terms of Wellness Tourism.

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