How to deal with criticism by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Your way of dealing with criticism shows your outlook and this can impact your life and career a lot. Criticism is a part of life and handling it is an art. It makes life interesting. It points out many things not visible to us.  With this course, you will learn to differentiate criticisms and develop a proper outlook on life.

Criticism can be positive or negative. Normally, people take it negatively and react to it even if it is meant for good. People read it wrong and miss a great opportunity to learn or rectify. Handling criticism positively even if it carries a destructive purpose is an essential self-development skill.

Wrong handling of criticism can lead to low self-esteem or aggressiveness which is not desirable. At work, it may sour relationships with your superiors or subordinates. It may also affect your personal relationship in a closed circle. Handling criticism needs character and self-control. Well-crafted guidance makes things easier for you.

The video will teach you to find the objective of criticism realizing which will help you in dealing with it. You need to figure out how criticism can help in your improvement. You need to identify the underlying cause. If you keep a positive outlook, you are likely to benefit.

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