Mental Wellness – The biggest upcoming challenge for humanity by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Today, if something has stalled the world, it is not the ‘microdemon’ but our unpreparedness. We did have knowledge about the impact of viruses but were never ready to fight it to that level. We were busy with external challenges but ignored deep rooted threats that could arise from normal human-human interactions.
Today, a much bigger challenge lies ahead. We have enough indication of its severity but are not prepared to fight it out. The challenge is about us, not any external force. It is our mental wellness.

• Over 1 billion people are suffering from mental disorders.
• Clinical depression and suicide rates are climbing.

The outcomes- People either harm themselves or others. That is what we see in rising societal crimes and mass shooting events in school and public places for no reason.

Are we ready to face challenges in mental wellness?

Human brains have altered in the last few months. The new normal lifestyle is creating more challenges that are affecting our mental wellness. Alone Covid-19 has aggravated loneliness. But we have solutions.

On this World Mental Health Day 2020, let us pledge to
• Invest more in mental health.
• Give more time and shower care for ourselves and all those in our close circle.
• To be prepared for the unprepared.

I am coming up with a series of documentaries on harmonious wellness, holistic wellness and other ways to wellness to make you ready to take on mental health challenges.

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