Nura AI Screening Adds A New Dimension to Proactive Healthcare

Join Dr. Prem as he takes us on a profound journey into the world of proactive healthcare and the transformative potential of health screening.

At the heart of Worli, Mumbai, Dr. Prem explores the groundbreaking NURA AI center, a visionary collaboration between Fujifilm Japan and the esteemed Dr. Kutty group. NURA AI stands as a beacon of innovation in AI diagnostics, offering state-of-the-art imaging technology, an exceptional team of professionals, and a futuristic approach to comprehensive health check-ups. In his own words, Dr. Prem shares his firsthand experience undergoing a comprehensive evaluation, leaving no aspect of his health unexamined.
From full-body CT scans to DeXa, lab tests, dental exams, eye screenings, vision assessments, and even ENT checks, every facet of health is scrutinized.The result? A meticulously detailed 50-page report, not just a document but a visually compelling and informative guide to one’s own body. Beyond diagnostics, NURA AI embodies a movement toward preventive wellness. Dr. Prem wholeheartedly applauds their mission and passionately urges everyone to take charge of their health, undergo regular screenings, and stay one step ahead on the journey to well-being.
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