Medical Tourism Upgrade | Kyiv | Ukraine

A Workshop in Kyiv in Ukraine 2018

Medical Tourism Upgrade, a highly-significant medical tourism workshop conducted on 16th October’18 in Kiev Ukraine was a grand success. A workshop which was worth celebrating was an outcome of great collaborative teamwork and deep friendship.  Commendable work was done by some of the most reputed personality around the world.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi, the globally reputed medical tourism marketing expert, Anna Guchok, the founder of Medical Tourism Upgrade’18 and a recognized expert in developing Medical Tourism, Violetta Yanyshevskaya, the President of UAMT (Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism), and international medical tourism expert in medical tourism and Igor Torskyy, the founder and Vice President of UAMT worked in unison in orchestrating this workshop and left no stone unturned to make this event a successful one. The perseverance and teamwork will definitely have a long-term impact on the development of Ukrainian medical tourism.

Dr Prem Jagyasi, Anna Guchok, Violetta Yanyshevskaya, Igor Torskyy

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