What is wellness? How it’s different than health? Masterclass by DR PREM JAGYASI

Does wellness simply imply leading a disease-free life? Wellness is something beyond our general perception of health. The WHO defines health as a perfect state of mind, body, and spirit free from any disease. Health is just a status, the state of being whereas wellness is the enhanced state of your well-being.

Functioning at an optimum level signifies the ‘healthy’ or ‘neutral’ state’. A notch below the neutral state signals illness and a notch above marks your enhancement to wellness. Wellness is more positive, more affirmative. Any activity that uplifts your mind, body, and spirit above the neutral state is “wellness”. And the future would be all about wellness – the journey of enhancement. Why?

Our neutral status is vulnerable given the crises we face. Not everything that happens is in our control. What we can control is our choices to enhancement by being positive in lifestyle, mindset, and approach. Health cannot be sustained if we do not add elements of enhancements. People are spending on wellness to be ahead of the neutral state, the foundation should remain unaltered come what may. This explains why wellness is a $4.5 trillion industry and the wellness tourism market is nearing $900 bn.

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