Medical Tourism Masterclass – Evolving trends and the future medical tourism business

How do you think medical tourism is evolving? The video presents my assessment of evolving medical tourism trends at the prestigious Hestourex’22 meet, taken place recently at Baku, Azerbaijan.

True, the medical tourism industry is battling a string of challenges. Pandemic shocks plus the global recession, high inflation, and geopolitical tensions. The world is not prepared to handle the growing non-communicable or lifestyle disease burden. The pandemic has already disturbed the surgery schedules, 81.7% of benign surgery and 37.7% of cancer surgery either got canceled or were postponed.

Would you believe many countries with very high healthcare spending are likely to go bankrupt in the next 10 years? The health insurance costs are rising by 12-14% but the incomes are not.

Where is the scope of medical tourism growth?

One thing is definite – The demand for healthcare will grow more than ever. The widening demand-supply gap will push medical tourism growth. Many parts of the world are left with few options at home. Where will they go?

If you are a medical tourism company or plan to set up one, watch volving medical tourism trends as follows:

• Expect more integration of wellness in medical tourism.

• People will choose destinations with enhanced opportunities for rejuvenation and relaxation to facilitate holistic recovery.

• High-quality support services in medical and wellness.

• Long-stay medical tourism will be the new norm.

• AI-driven patient lead generation where you get valuable insights into patients’ needs, behavior, and choices they are likely to make.

What would be the key principles for your medical tourism business?

• Build valuable partnerships to expand your outreach

• Create value-oriented products.

• Be empathetic in approach

• Participate in events, meets, and conferences.

• Flaunt your performance.

• Consider the price-value proposition

• Use AI to get patient leads.

• Do brand marketing

• Build online reputation

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