Dr Prem Explains The Potential Of Sound Healing As A Popular Wellness Therapy

Stressed out? Overpowered with anxiety? Tap the healing potential of sound energy and meditation frequencies. Well, it may sound new to you but healing with sound energy and meditating at varied frequencies has a deep-rooted history.

We get attracted by the sound of raindrops, cascading waterfalls, crashing waves or the ripples of rivulets. It isn’t strange that the song you like gives an instant feel-good experience. The concept of sound healing comes naturally to humans. Music and resonance have a deep and lasting impact on our mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Sound healing meditation helps in slowing down brain waves to a deeply restorative state that supports better sleep. Personalized mind-body synchronizing sound healing programs with sensory-integrated tunes and notes and bio-acoustics can create the right chemistry for sound sleep.

The pleasant sound may help us feel good but can it heal?
This may sound outlandish as it is a complex issue. Any sound wave hitting your eardrum creates waves in the fluid of your inner ear which is picked up auditory nerves and transmitted to the brain. This enables you to hear.

Therefore, sound detection is nothing but a physical effect arising from a physical cause. It shouldn’t seem weird that certain prolonged exposure to certain frequencies of vibration can impact your physical and mental state.

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What a wonderful video, for a moment I thought i was in some jungle meditating with birds chirpings and waterfall splashing and spraying dropplets over me. Lovely.

Science- backed approach. Wish to experience one.

It was so easy to understand and it was really helpful, and all of my doubts are clear.

Wow your video quality is getting better day by day.

“It balances and clears the mind, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness.”

Wow such an amazing experience, now that I heard this, I will use sound healing therapy to reduce my stress.

What would be Benefits of Sound Therapy?

What a calming video itself. There is so many natural healing practices that can help us to reduce stress and lead a quality life, i wish i knew about the sound healing earlier. Thankyou for sharing this information!

Thankyou for sharing such Incredible relaxing video

Lovely video 😍 #drpremjagyasi #soundhealing

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