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Living a great life is not restricted to a privileged few. A great life does not mean materialistic achievements like wealth accumulation, success in business etc. You can life a great life by carving your path, accumulating good traits and contributing. It is our aptitude and choices that can take us to the right track to live life to the fullest that we deserve. The driver is the strong will power and the successive steps surface subsequently.

There is something wonderful in all of us, but we go on accumulating lots of thoughts and information that seldom matter in our life deviating us from the track that we ought to travel to experience the best form that we deserve. We lose our originality and pureness amidst the heap of unwanted debris.

First Section – Carve your life

“You have to create YOUR life. You have to carve it like a sculpture” – William Shatner

Threadbare and wretched, the man limped along the alleys kicking up dust in a cold December morning. The man had a face with nothing exceptional about it, but somehow it was a beaming with a different kind of love for life. A leather case slackly hung around his shoulder. He stopped in front of a flimsy structure at the corner of the city-square and unlocked the doorway. It was a workshop with several semi finished sculpting work spread across the room. He selected an unfinished piece that just had a preliminary touch and set out for work with intense concentration. With his eyes focused and narrowed down to thin slits of passion, his hands started moving with a hammer and chisel. Gradually, the face appeared with a finite shape with a sharp chin and aquiline nose. But could this man manage the eyelashes on granite? This was outstanding.

Second Section – Discover Yourself

Let’s take another example. In an auditorium filled with 500 people, some information is being delivered. Everybody is seeing the same demonstrations and listening to the same words but do all accept the information from the same angle? The thoughts of a person at that moment will vary widely from those of the person sitting beside him.
Each of us process information available to us in a different way. Our thought process and perception vary. To some of us, a piece of information is just a mental record of a fact that gradually fades away with the passage of time. There is nothing significant in it whereas, to others, the same information can create a huge impact.

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