Developing wellness resort, wellness hotel and wellness service business – A Presentation by Dr Prem Jagyasi

People are chasing the Holy Grail of wellness.  The wellness mindset has set in among global consumers influencing their decision-making in lifestyle for the coveted wellbeing. As wellness gets baked into all activities, it is an opportunity galore for wellness resorts, wellness hospitals, hotels, and wellness service businesses.

Wellness is the Future

  • 1 out of 5 in the world is experiencing some sort of medical condition
  • 970 million people worldwide have mental health or substance abuse disorder
  • Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the world affecting 284 million.
  • Depression affects 264 million
  • 69% of annual global deaths are from preventable non-communicable lifestyle diseases namely hypertension, diabetes, cancer, cardiac diseases, and mental disorders. (GWI stats)

Wellness, the continuous pursuit of wellbeing covers 10 distinct dimensions

  1. Physical wellness
  2. Emotional/ psychological wellness
  3. Social wellness
  4. Intellectual wellness
  5. Spiritual wellness
  6. Occupational wellness
  7. Financial wellness
  8. Environmental wellness
  9. Cultural wellness
  10. Ethical wellness

Conscious lifestyle choices and practices to wellbeing can only limit preventable diseases and save millions of lives

  • People are looking for more easily accessible and affordable wellness options in all activities of life – nutrition, work, exercise, recreation, relaxation, and travel.
  • Living well is the new Living Long. The burgeoning aging population with disposable earnings is looking for wellness-enhancing activities in resorts, wellness centers, and far-off destinations.
  • Healthcare and wellness can no longer function in silos but complement each other for coveted wellbeing.
  • In medical tourism, wellness practices will enhance patient experience and treatment outcomes and vice versa.



Best practices to generate revenue from wellness:

  • If you run a hotel or resort, convert that into a wellness resort or hotel
  • If you run a hospital, clinic, or medical center, integrate wellness practices and treatments for better treatment outcomes and increased revenue.
  • If you are a medical tourism facilitator or an agent, shift your focus to integrated medical wellness propositions.
  • Connect with wellness resorts, therapists, and other providers and create unique packages.

Best practices to start a wellness business

Product and pricing

  • Provide outcome-based science-backed treatments and programs
  • Set the price according to the market demand.
  • Understand the customers’ perception of pricing


  • Make your offerings appealing to your customers. Even better resonate with them
  • Generate the desire and need in your customers’ minds.

Be an expert in communicating humanely

  • Be humane while communicating with patients beyond the professional attitude.
  • Invest in your staff and train them to communicate better with patients.


Get the feel of your online reputation

  • Strongly promote positive reviews
  • Showcase your performance
  • Deal with negative reviews smartly. Show that you have resolved the issue to the customer’s satisfaction.

Watch out for the trends

  • Wellness trends are changing fast – staycations, immunity-boosting, and biohacking are emerging
  • Watch the customers’ preferences and behavior.

Be social on social media

  • Engage not just post. Interact with the audience. Guide them. Educate them. Inform them.
  • Ensure that your content has value. It effectively addresses the concerns of your audience.

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Measure Customer Service Experience

  • Peace of mind (of guests)
  • Moments of truth
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Product experience

Finally, continuously revisit the aforesaid dimensions of wellness in remodeling your wellness offerings. You will find business opportunities in all of them.

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