What is emotional Wellness and why its important in corporates?

In corporate life, we often tend to forget that businesses are so much more than financial balance sheets of debit and credit. Businesses are made of people vis-a-vis your employees. Your employees are your biggest asset whose support is required to run a successful business. Your employees are made of flesh and blood, and looking out for their well being should be your top priority. A happy employee is more productive and in the long run a valuable asset for the company.

It is difficult for your employees to keep their private struggles away from their workplace because they spend so much time in the workplace. Their personal moods and mindset is bound to affect the quality of their work. 80% of employees in India are dissatisfied with their work according to a survey done by economic times. Another research (carried out by industry body ASSOCHAM in 2015) shows that 42.5% of the employees that were surveyed showed signs of suffering from depression or anxiety.

Why is the emotional wellness of your employees so important? How does it affect your business?

Advantages of maintaining emotional wellness at the workplace

Maintaining the emotional wellness and mental wellness of your employees has multiple advantages; making sure that they are happy and satisfied with the job will also make them good at it. This, in turn, affects your business because a happy employee is a productive employee. Some of the reasons why workplace wellness is so important because:

1)   It improves employee retention

2)   Your company will be able to attract good talent

3)   The productivity level of the employees will increase

4)   They are more capable of managing stress and different obstacles in life

5)   The frequency of sick leaves will reduce

6)   It enhances creativity and memory


Disadvantages of ignoring emotional wellness

Ignoring the emotional wellness of employees can have serious repercussions for your business. An unhappy and emotionally ill employee can directly affect your business.

If the emotional health of employees is not taken care of, it can cause stress-related burnout in employees. They are more likely to breakdown under situations that inflict mental pressure on them. They are likely to feel lethargic.

The chances of slacking off at work increase and the employee retention rate go down. They are less likely to feel productive which in turn causes more dissatisfaction. When emotional health is not in good shape, employees are more likely to be in a bad mood. Bad moods of the employees can cause conflict amongst them and teamwork can get compromised.


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